A first few words; the idea behind this page

Hello everyone,

here I am writing my first words. I am very excited about that and I must admit; a little bit proud of myself for finally starting writing. I hope that I will be able to make this a interesting and inspirational place, where everyone of you can find something for yourself.

My wish here is to write everyday thoughts, questions conclusions, ideas, facts, and other stuff that I’ve found the most important or helping me while being or in the good or in the bad phase.

The biggest motivation though for starting this is to honor people that were by my side in my life and that those who still are.
Both people that helped me with a brief word in a onetime conversation and the ones that went with me all the way through things trying to give their whole hearts for me.

Finally to explain the name of the page;
I see and think of those people as a kind of angels. Angels who were unselfishly trying to help, give their time and energy, emotions for that.
I want this page to be for all the people who are someone’s angels and the ones who same as me think that angels exist. Let’s be together, share and go through this life together.

So I call everyone that reads this to come to the World of Angels and start helping yourself and the people around you and I promise you will feel love and joy!!!

That is I think all for this first post, love to you all and I really also hope to be seeing your comments and thoughts about everything here!


Hello to all of You Angels out there!

I just started this site as a personal diary/blog, to write some daily thoughts and feelings, to send love and hopefully share inspiration to the people reading this. I want to write and share things about life that apply to as many people and as many situations possible. Every one of us can use a little help and ideas ever now and then, so I’d like this to e a place of sharing ideas, knowledge and a place of support.

So let’s start, all the best to you all! 💞🌍